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Paul was introduced to Taijiquan and Qigong when he was invited to take up martial arts back in 2008. This was a huge turning point as he gained knowledge in self-cultivation and how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Much of this initial training involved the self-defence and contact side of the arts, but Paul never felt fully comfortable with this. However, the health and energy side to the training seemed to spark something inside as he was taught forms and movements from Okinawa, China and Japan. This was eye opening to say the least. The concept of “Chi”, or life-force energy, opened up a different perspective and outlook on life. The universe had opened a new doorway. Thank goodness!
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He started training and studying in Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics in 2010. After having treatment for neck and knee pain he was intrigued how this form of therapy was so effective. Fortunately for Paul he was invited on to a course and gained practitioner level in 2015.

Having seen the huge benefits of stretching from the martial arts training Paul then took up yoga. He learned more about how the body can and should move. The style seemed to fit perfectly with the other training. This flowing form of yoga really complemented the tai chi training and helped him understand his body in a deeper way.

A British School of Yoga Diploma was earned for Hatha Yoga in 2014. And followed by an Advanced Hatha Yoga Diploma in 2017. The Tai Chi and Qigong instructor certification was received in 2016.

Paul now to studies and trains with the teachers at Longwater Tai Chi. Patrick Foley, an indoor student of Master Sam Masich, is helping Paul develop his skills in tajiquan. Jane Launchbury is advancing Paul’s understanding of the authentic Shibashi Tai Chi Qigong. The wonderful thing about the energy arts is that there is always more to learn!

In his spare time you can find him either in the garden planting his vegetables, working on his new found love of guitar or spending time with his wife, Davina, and their dog Rosie in their camper van.

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Beginners are always welcome and can come along and try one of our classes. We are always welcoming and have a relaxed and fun approach to our sessions.
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